From the West - she beat the rest - the gorgeous Caris Tiivel

Miss Universe Australia 2016 - Caris Tiivel from Western Australia

I was so excited when we heard the news that Caris Tiivel had won Miss West Coast 2016 earlier this year...yay! Caris was our model featured in the 'Painted Dreams' campaign as well as many other shoots over the years. I knew winning Miss West Coast meant she had a really fantastic chance at winning the Miss Universe Australia 2016 pageant.

Even more exciting was the chance to design and make a fabulous choker for Caris to wear for this very special event. I knew the colour of her dress and a simple description of her gown and I had four days to make something divine....I was a bit nervous!

A little voice in my head was saying "she is going to WIN this". I had carefully selected some beautiful Swarovski crystal beads for her, though I still had no idea in my mind, on what I was going to make!

I wanted to create something modern but still classically simple. I went with a rose gold and gold crystal mix, clear marquee Swarovski stones encased in rose gold and a final touch of an antique green.

The result was a beautiful choker, simple lined, finished with rose gold chains that fell down her back to her waist. It looked amazing on Caris and was so sparkly on the catwalk.

Caris Tiivel - the day before winning - wearing our new Tiivel choker

Caris Tiivel - pre judging - Miss Universe Australia

It was such an exciting moment when Caris was announced the winner and crowned Miss Universe Australia 2016. She was adorned with a magnificent crown by Cerrone Jewellers.

 Caris Tiivel - a very special night

finale - miss universe australia 2016

Such a fairytale ending....will Caris Tiivel be the the next Miss Universe???

....I think so!!!

The Tiivel choker will be available online from the 1st November.

With love and fun,

Anita xx

September 07, 2016 by Anita Rosielle
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