Welcoming our New Team Member - ME!

welcoming our new Kezani member - Venine!

Good morning, good evening, or goodnight

From wherever you are in the world the team here at Kezani are excited to be back ! (Well technically we never left but do admit we haven't blogged in a while) You know how it gets, our customers, and brides are our priority. What's more important than your big day .... and making sure you are frosted in amazing jewellery of course. But that's enough excuses for now, the point is WE ARE BACK BABY ! Bringing you more regular blogs about all things bridal & fashion. 

It is at this point in time that I realised welcoming myself is a bit of an akward scenario because I am already one whole paragraph into an conversation with you, so hi. My name is Venine and I am the newest team member here at Kezani. You may have seen me around (like on the website) because I have worked for Anita before as a model, but I couldn't just leave our catch-up's to occasional modelling gigs so i decided to stay for good, to annoy her in her office once a week (jks we are actually great friends). Anita hired me to share more about Kezani, and Real Bride experiences, all of which I am planning to do. But I am also excited to show you a bit more about her. Anita being as modest as she is, hasn't shown you HALF of what she can do yet. As you may have already discovered, she is extremely talented, but if you see what happens behind the scenes and how she creates new designs from scratch you will be even more amazed. So be prepared for 2018, and getting to know more about what Kezani LOVES but also about who we are. 

 A bit about me !

I am a 20-year old journalism & broadcasting student who loves writing, talking (as you have noticed), food, and all things creative... and yes I forgot to mention I am a daydreamer and a huge optimist. 

What would a 20-year old know about weddings ?

Well, lets just say I have some experience in the bridal industry. And no, I have not been on Married at First Sight - although I do love that show (don't we all). My experience in the bridal industry started with photoshoots. I have never really signed to an agency or pursued modelling as a career but I have been in more bridal shoots that I can count on both hands. The bridal industry in Perth is by far filled with the most creative, kindest people I have met. By making friends with makeup artists, jewellery designers (aka Anita) and so on. I've made friends who got me involved in the industry and I have loved every second.

So growing up as a little girl dreaming about all things wedding, I got to "play pretend" over 12 times. Who wouldn't love that ! I have to say after wearing @galialahav, @demetrios and @enzoani gowns all from Perth's @dionforbrides, I was eager to do this for real. All I needed was my Prince Charming. 

Well news is, I found him, and I got MARRIED for real. After all that "pratice", the day finally came. Yes sounds crazy because I am 20, but love has no rules and doesn't always fit into our plans but I am as happy as I'll ever be. And funny thing is, I met him at my sister's wedding. So weddings are magical and no one can prove otherwise. Enough of that for now, you will have to wait until next week for my post on our #RealBrides blog about MY wedding. 

Other than my soppy love for all things bridal, I am a passionate writer and am excited to be a part of the KEZANI team. Just because my big day is over, doesn't mean the fairytale has to end. I am looking forward to hearing about your BIG DAY and big events (don't forget you don't need to be a bride to spoil yourself with sparklers).

That's enough from me for now, 

Love Venine


March 19, 2018 by Venine Palm