So, you have found the gown, excitement kicks's getting very real now!! Time is a ticking and you realise a million things on your list still, and one of them being the final touches to this luxurious garment, we call a wedding dress.

These last few pieces you put with your garment are very important, they can make or break your dream gown. It is important you find something that complements and enhances! Looking for accessories can be overwhelming, so we have decided to offer our awarded services to brides that are not able to make it into our store and give you the opportunity for personalised service online. Our designer, Anita Rosielle, will view your gown pictures and/or description, bridal hairstyle ideas, ceremony setting and theme, if you have one. With this knowledge she will then email you her suggestions for bridal accessories, in regards to headpieces, wedding veils and bridal jewellery.

Anita has had over 25 years of experience working in the wedding industry. Gaining her experience, firstly in the gown industry, has given her a better understanding of what will complete your look, wow your partner and guests, and enhance your wedding photography. Anita has also styled over a hundred bridal shoots for some of the Country's top bridal magazines.

SO, what do you need to do???

Please follow the link below and attach a pic of your gown, close up detailing [if you have one] and hairstyle ideas so far, alongside a brief description of your gown [if you do not have a pic], your setting, garden or church, etc. and any other information you think needed to set the scene.