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So the day you have been dreaming about all your life has arrived and it was amazing, every thing you could have ever dreamed of. Sad news is, 10 or so hours later, its all over. For the past few months (or years) you have been living and breathing the life of a bride. Back-to-back appointments figuring out floral arrangements, food tasting, whether to have a sit-down or cocktail wedding, and let's not forget your dress, hair, makeup, shoes, and JEWELS, and all the other small things you forget about like wedding favours! (ahh don't forget those)

The fact is, after putting all your energy into planning your big day for the past few months, when it all comes to an end we're not to sure what to do with all our free time. Yes, you probably all have jobs, but for the past year you have been use to being busy 24/7! Who says it has to end... okay, that's a lie. Your big day, is now over, but, there are 3 things you will always have: Your Man (if all goes well), Your Wedding Photos, and Your Memories. 

So, if you still want to feel like a bride for a bit longer, why not share your photos with all the other women out there. The team here at Kezani have done some research to provide you with a list of our picks of the TOP 5 BRIDAL BLOGS you can submit your photos to. The perfect medication for your wedding withdrawals.

1. White Magazine 

White Magazine is an Australian based bridal blog and magazine that is all about the meaning of marriage. Although they are based in Australia they feature brides from all across the globe. They're also known to take the most submissions, whether you had a classic fairytale wedding or went for something a bit more boho chic, the team at 'White' are more interested in focusing on the meaning of the day, rather than just the fun of it all. 

So if you're wanting to inspire someone's style whilst warming their hearts by sharing your emotional experience, make sure to give their page a visit and SHARE, share share the love.. and of course the photos.

Check out our Real Bride's, Lauren who was featured here.

2. Nouba

Second on our list is the notorious Nouba. This online blog features a variety of different weddings from all over Australia and New Zealand. If you tried submitting to bridal magazines and didn't get featured don't fret, you may have more luck with an online blog simply because websites don't have the same "space limitations" as magazines. I mean ... who can blame them, no one wants to be receiving a magazine the size of a textbook in the mail.

One thing I forgot to mention, if you're reading this and you're only engaged (and eagerly awaiting your big day that's months away) don't think we are forgetting about you. Believe me, I know that once your engaged you stalk these blogs as much as you can for inspiration, but who says you can't be the one who IS INSPIRING others ? You don't have to be hitched yet. Nouba accepts engagement shoot submissions too! (I know you're secretly jumping on the bed right now). So if you're here from Aus or are our neighbours just 'around the corner' make sure to head to their submissions page, and submit your wedding (or engagement shoot!) 

3. Hooray

For some its all about the dress, for others its all about the centrepieces. If you're like me, you care about your hair and makeup than the style details (simply because I am not that great at it)..but hey, without these blogs I would have had no clue about floral arrangements, aisle runners, and whatever else I am forgetting about right now. If you have a knack for styling, don't let your big day end there. Hooray is a bridal mag that is about more than just helping a bride-to-be decide what hairstyle she wants. They're all about essential, elegant styling for all wedding types. And if you're not that creative, but you had a 'Picasso's prodigy' as a bridesmaid then submit photos of your bridal shower! 

4. The Wedding Network 

There's nothing better than going local. Well, that's at least what they say in all the supermarket ads (You can tell its close to lunch time because my mind is drifting to food. Actually that's all the time). Anyways ... if you're from Western Australia, The Wedding Network might be your first pick for online blog submissions. Make sure to send them a message to be in their 'Real Wedding Feature'. 

5. Style Me Pretty

If you're wanting to make it big in Hollywood, head to Style Me Pretty ! Okay so, maybe I was a bit enthusiastic but whenever we all think of America our minds drift straight to Hollywood. This blog is all about the classic bride. As they say, they're all about all things pretty, in their words, "classic weddings with an extra sparkle". If that's you, make sure you enter your submission. 

Share the Love!

Lastly, I have to remind you to "Share the Love". Yes, in some part, you are submitting your wedding to a blog as some sort of medication for your wedding withdrawals... but don't forget you are part of a bride tribe called "Help a sister Out" (not literally, but hey, why not if you can). Your day will not only be in your memory forever as the day you made a promise to someone special, but it can be a source of inspiration to another bride somewhere else in the world who is in the same position you were a couple of months ago (the "I-don't-have-a-clue" stage). So, share the love by submitting, and don't forget to mention all the creatives that made your day special (your vendors). 

It is important to note that to submit your photos to any blog you need permission from the Photographer. 

Love, Venine 





April 06, 2018 by Venine Palm
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